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august 2017

Aug 6-27:  Garden produce sharing, Sundays

Aug 14: 10am  Oktoberfest planning

​Aug 15-16: 2-8:30pm Photos for New Directory

Aug 21:  6:30a-8:30p  Youth Night Out

Aug 28:  Make-up date for Photos

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July 2017

July 12:  Youth to Holocaust Memorial  9:00-2:30

​July 15:  Women's Retreat  9:30 (at Lois')

July 31 - Aug 3:  Camp Celebration

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september 2017

Sep 1-29:  Garden produce sharing, Sundays

Sep  9:  Junk in the Trunk/Garage Sale 9:00-2:00

Sep 10:  Rally Day

Sep 25:  Drugs 101 with St. Joe's Healthcare

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Recurring Events


Sundays                          Bring One Donations (2nd)

                      10:00am   Worship

                      11:15am   Faith Formation

Mondays          7:00pm    Income Boosters (4th)

Tuesdays       10:00am    WELCA Board (2nd)

                       4:30pm    Salvation Army Dinners

                        7:00pm   Council (3rd)

                        7:00pm   Stewardship Team (1st)

​                        7:00pm   Boy Scouts (wkly)

Wednesdays     1:00pm  Women's B. Study (3rd)
                         6:30pm   Bell Choir (wkly)

                         7:00pm   Property Comm (1st)         Thursdays         8:00am   Senators (4th)
                       10:00am   Knitters (3rd)
                         7:00pm   Vocal Choir (wkly)

Saturdays          8:30am   Men's Ministry (bi-wkly)

                         9:00am   Walking Club (wkly)



Rev. James Fogle

Sunday Worship 10:00 am                          Faith Formation 11:15 am

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