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Rev. James Fogle

Sunday Worship 10:00 am                          Faith Formation 11:15 am

Introducing FLAT JESUS...

Flat Jesus is a laminated, hand colored paper figure traveling the world with you this summer.  We hope you will take Flat Jesus with you this summer as you travel around the town or around the world. Take a photo of yourself with Flat Jesus and email it to flatjesus@celebrationlc.com. Watch our Celebration Facebook page (Facebook.com/Celebration Lutheran Church, Livonia, MI) to see where Flat Jesus goes this summer.  Wveryone is invited to participate.  You can pick up your Flat Jesus in the welcome area at church.


George Evalt, President

Pastor Fogle, Vice-President

Glenda Tarr, Secretary

Jane Alder

​Robert Clisch

Georgia Hartsell

Larry Snowden

Cindy Sweier

Bob Winn

Our Mission

Celebrating God

through our Connections

with one another,

with the community,

and with the world.

Join Us

Come join us in worship as we thank and praise God for the blessings and gifts of God’s abundance. Come learn with us, no matter your age, for we all are on a journey of discovering and nurturing our personal gifts and abilities given to us by our loving Creator. Come serve with us as we share a new story with our hurting, despairing world.

Celebration Lutheran Church

39375 Joy Rd., Westland, MI 48185, (734) 582-4112

www.CelebrationLC.com     office@celebrationlc.com

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 Celebration is made up of

real people living real lives

and discovering the real love

that God has shown us through Jesus Christ. Lutherans believe in the Triune God. God created and loves all the creation— the earth and the seas and all of the world’s inhabitants. We believe that God’s Son, Jesus Christ, transforms lives through his death on the cross and his new life, and we trust that God’s Spirit is active in the world.