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Rev. James Fogle

Sunday Worship 10:00 am                          Faith Formation 11:15 am

Holy Communion


Please join us at Christ's Table of Grace.  This congregation, with the whole ELCA, practices Eucharistic hospitality.  If you have been baptized with water in the name of the Holy Trinity, you are invited to participate.  The body and Blood of Christ are in the bread and wine.  We receive Holy Communion in continuous fashion, receiving the consecrated host and drinking directly from the chalice  or, when using the double chalice, dipping (intincting) the host into either the wine or grape juice.  Those with a gluten allergy may ask the pastor for a gluten-free host.  Also, please be assured that if you only wish one element, be confident that Christ is fully present in both the bread and wine.  Those who do not wish to commune are invited forward for a blessing.

Where does your Talent lie? 

It takes 15-25 people's participation for each service.

Fill out the form below with the parts you can play:

Assisting Minister, Bell Choir, Bread Baker (or Buyer),

Cantor, Communion Assistants, Flowers, Greeters,

Reader (Lector), Sacristy/Altar Guild, Ushers,

Vocal Choir

Assisting in Worship

Weekly Sermons

Word and Worship