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Celebration Lutheran Church


Sunday at 10:00 am

CELEBRATION is made up of real people living real lives and discovering the real love that God has shown us through Jesus Christ.  Lutherans believe in the Triune God.  God created and loves all the creation -- the earth and the seas and all of the world's inhabitants.  We believe that God's Son, Jesus Christ, transforms lives through his death on the cross and his new life, and we trust that God's Spirit is active in the world.


​We welcome all of God's Children, whatever their age, the color of their skin, the contents of their wallet, no matter whom they love, how they speak, and whatever their abilities or disabilities; for in Christ Jesus, we all are reconciled to God.

Worship Time

Monthly Ministry

School may be out for the summer as of  June, but we can't forget the students all summer. As in the past several years, we plan to begin building the 500 starter kits in July for the new students that start at the end of August.  All details for that project will start flowing with the July Sunday newsletters.  Thanks in advance for the continued support.  

Summer Fun Nights

Movie & Games

Movie Night

Date: Tuesday, July 9th
Time: 6:30 PM

Beat the summer heat with a fun movie night! Enjoy a great film with FREE popcorn in our air-conditioned space. We'll also have a concession stand, with all proceeds going to support Heifer International, our Sunday School's sponsored charity.



Game Night

Date: Friday, August 9th
Time: 6:30 PM

Gather your family and friends for an evening of games and laughter! Bring your favorite game or choose from our selection. We'll provide the tables and snacks for a memorable night.

From the Pastor

From the Pastor

Summertime, summertime, sum, sum, summertime……


Some of the wonderful signs of summer are being seen all around. People are out jogging more. Convertibles go around with the tops down. Children go off to school wearing shorts. People wearing flip-flops; bathing suits; hair tangled from salt water, legs covered with sand from the beach, sweaty from softball games, whatever. Summertime is a great time for "come-as-you-are."

I wonder if it was summertime when Jesus appeared to the disciples after this resurrection.  Remember that?  When the disciples had been out all night fishing in a boat. No doubt they were sweaty and tired.  But there's no hesitation, no standing on formality in the Risen Lord's invitation or welcome.  "Come and have breakfast! And come as you are!"


In this little invitation, I see an echo of all the great invitations of Scripture. God is always inviting us into fellowship with God's Self, into deeper love and closer communion. And God's invitation is always gracious and open! 

Jesus never said, "Stay as you are," to anyone. But he did say, over and over again, "Come as you are." It's not so much that any of us need to change our whole life to moral perfection before we are welcomed by God. It's more like we come to God in humility with all our sins and imperfections and then we start to change. Or put another way, you don't have to "get good" before you are invited to be God's friend. You have God as a friend and then you begin to "get good."


So this summer, (either in person or online) don’t take a vacation from Jesus and your community of faith.  Come as you are!


So, see you in church!


Pastor Fogle

Our Mission

Celebrating God through our connections 

with one another, the community, and the world

Mission Statement

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Help Those In Need

“Whoever is generous to the poor lends to the Lord,
and he will repay him for his deed.” 

[Proverbs 19:17]

Thank You!!
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