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Welcome Back!!


September 17th

Following Worship

Our first Children's Fellowship (Sunday School) will be on September 17th, following worship. 

We are excited to learn and explore Bible stories through music, crafts, activities, food, videos, and games.  We introduce each lesson using the Sparks Children's Bible and spend 2-3 Sundays on each story.  This year we will begin with the Book of Genesis, and Joseph and his brothers.  We will continue to work with stories in the Old Testament until Christmas and then switch over to the New Testament.  

Keep an eye out in the Newsletter this year for updates of our adventures as our children enjoy learning about the Bible through fellowship and fun.

Christian Education

Children's Fellowship

Children's Fellowship is for children ages 3 years to 6th grade.  Children will gather for music, Bible stories, crafts, snacks, and activities.

First communion (2).jpg
First Communion

Stay tuned for the 2023 First Communion class. This is open to all children who have been baptized and are between the age of 4 through the 6th grade. Registration is not required.  A special rite of First Communion will take place soon after the class is complete.


The 2022 class was confirmed on Sunday June 5th.


Young people 6th grade and higher are eligible to attend confirmation classes.  Classes are three years and culminate in your child being confirmed as an adult member of this community.  One of the summers during the three year period the class optionally attends confirmation camp together. Each year there is a different focus including Old Testament, New Testament, and Luther's Small Catechism. Please contact Pastor Fogle for sign up information.

Christian Education

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